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Yippy Skippy Trippy
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This blog is for Braden and Erin's great, big, ol' yippy skippy trippy. We will be traveling for two and a half months in the autumn of 2006. From Japan, where we currently live, we will fly to Thailand, then travel by land through Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, then across Russia before we fly back to Canada.

A rough itinerary:
-Thailand: Sept. 13 through late Sept.;
-Cambodia: late September through early October;
-Vietnam: early October to mid-October;
-China: mid-October to Oct. 31;
-Mongolia: Nov. 1 through Nov. 9;
-Russia: Nov. 10 through Nov. 30

We'll try to update this as much as possible, so check often if you're interested in what we're up to along the way. DO IT!