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Long overdue Great Wall pictures

Posted on 2007.01.20 at 17:24


goodsnail at 2007-01-21 02:31 (UTC) ()
Wow. I feel kinda silly for not realizing the whole thing was not restored. It looks crazy impressive. And you even have photographic evidence that you were both there at the same time!
Yippy Skippy Trippy
yippytrippy at 2007-01-21 02:42 (UTC) ()
I wouldn't feel silly about that because everytime we see images of the Great Wall, it always looks so magnificent and pristine. In actuality, the wall stretches on and on for so many thousands of miles it would take a massive fortune to excavate it all, but they're getting to it bit by bit. The wall took over a thousand years to build in different sections and styles, so I would think it'll take a long time to preserve it, too.
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