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The end: St. Petersburg

Posted on 2007.06.29 at 22:21
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The last stop on our grand adventure: St. Petersburg. This was the only bit of sun that we saw since Nizhny Novgorod, and that was a bit of a fluke, too. This is the Neva River from the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Once more into the breach, friends!Collapse )
Thanks for keeping up with our travels!


Posted on 2007.05.01 at 12:31
Hang in there, gang! We're almost done with these pictures.

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A dreary day in Red Square. Notice that, although it was a chilly day, my jacket is open. That is because the zipper broke. Not such a good thing.

MOCKBA!Collapse )

Next up: St. Petersburg. The last stop!

Nizhny Novgorod

Posted on 2007.03.25 at 12:16
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Ah, there he is! Three guesses which one of these guys is the soldier on his way to Chechnya. That's right! The shirtless wonder. We spent three days with him. This was the infamous vodka night, when I was still conscious. Soon, the older fellow would be cradling me to sleep while his son (the really ugly guy) and the soldier kept guzzling down the vodka, proclaiming how weak I was because I could only handle like 10 shots or so, and telling Erin that they loved her.

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Into Russia

Posted on 2007.03.11 at 18:04
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Siberia from the train.

First stop, IrkutskCollapse )

Last Mongolia pictures!

Posted on 2007.02.23 at 23:26
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......and sunrise. This is the ger that we randomly stopped at and convinced our driver to ask the family to let us stay.

Mmmmmm.......goat headCollapse )

And that concludes the Mongolian pictures. We're almost done! Next up, Russia. But that'll probably take many more weeks to get through.......

Still more Mongolia

Posted on 2007.02.16 at 21:03
What can I say? It's a very photogenic country.

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A motorcycle and a ger. Pretty self-explanatory. This was at the second place we spent the night at.

Horseshorseshorseshorseshorseshorseshorses!Collapse )

New Mongolia pics!

Posted on 2007.02.11 at 02:08
Damn, I'm really falling behind on these pictures. But never fear, more Mongolia is here!

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This is the door of the family that hosted us (in a separate ger) on our first night of our trek. Most of the ger doors were quite elaborate.

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Finally made it to Mongolia

Posted on 2007.01.28 at 15:19
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Our intrepid little Soviet-made truck that took us all over Mongolia. Roads? Who needs roads?

Just what images of Mongolia are you expecting to see, anyway?Collapse )

Next up, lots more pictures of Mongolia and the places we stayed at, etc.

The Forbidden City

Posted on 2007.01.21 at 14:49
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As a lot of the majestic buildings were under scaffolding, we took a lot of pictures of the little details, like this ferocious guy.

More forbidden picturesCollapse )

Next up, Mongolia!

Long overdue Great Wall pictures

Posted on 2007.01.20 at 17:24
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We conquered the un-conquerable. (Note the graffiti near my shoulder--those people should be shot....Mao style!)

That's one big wall!Collapse )

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